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Podcast Series 'Knowledge through Inspiration'

Skål International
December 2022 — 358 views

Webinar 'Always On: The Campaign Never Stops'

Skål International
August 2022 — 2512 views

Papua New Guinea Travel & Tourism Conference

Skål International
May 2022 — 4327 views

Webinar 'Current trends in international travel are -words we know well- subject to change'

Skål International
May 2022 — 5215 views

Webinar 'Trends & behaviours in post pandemic travel'

Skål International
April 2022 — 5736 views

Consumer rights and the protection of tourists

Skål International
October 2021 — 8187 views

Webinar 'Working together to end the sexual exploitation of children'

Skål International
October 2021 — 9081 views

Why Join Skål International?

Skål International
October 2021 — 9131 views Webinar

Webinar 'WTTC's Safe Travels Stamp: How to implement it in your business to establish traveler confidence'

Skål International
July 2021 — 9536 views

Webinar 'Planning for a safe restart of the tourism industry'

Skål International
May 2021 — 10547 views

Changes in Talent Needs in the Hospitality Industry Globally

Skål International
April 2021 — 9847 views Webinar

Webinar The Travel Rebound: Top Travel Trends & Predictions 2021

Skål International
April 2021 — 10983 views

Recorded webinar 'Is there a future of the cruise industry?'

Skål International
March 2021 — 11197 views Webinar

Webinar Series #RebuildingTourism: Debate on the benefits and risks of the Health Passport

Skål International
March 2021 — 12000 views Webinar

Skål International, eHotelier and Torrens University are offering ten free MBA-level, online executive leadership eLearning courses

Skål International
February 2021 — 10875 views

Webinar Series #RebuildingTourism: International Code for the Protection of Tourists

Skål International
February 2021 — 10508 views

Why Join Skål International

Skål International
October 2020 — 11556 views Webinar

The role of vocational training & education for the reactivation of world Tourism

Skål International
October 2020 — 11526 views Webinar

Destinations: Repositioning plans for safe destinations

Skål International
September 2020 — 12512 views Webinar

Restarting Aviation: How to Fly Safely Again

Skål International
August 2020 — 12409 views Webinar

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For over seventy years Skål International has been actively supported in Ireland. In 1948 our Dublin Club was the first post-World War II club founded. Currently we have four Clubs – Cork, Dublin, Galway, and Kerry. We are not immune to the challenges experienced in other European countries, but our future plans are tailored to attract new and interested colleagues into the membership of the only global tourism and hospitality organisation in the world.